Technology Solutions

We have experience in a number of technologies that we feel can benefit your business.  From Cloud based products to Comms Room Design and Print Management, we can provide technology solutions based on your requirements.

Here are some of the Technology Solutions that we have experience in:

  • Email – Solutions including Google Apps and Office 365 as well as migration from older legacy Microsoft Exchange Systems.

  • Backup – Solutions including backup and archiving services for offsite storage and business continuity.

  • File Transfer – We work with industry leaders to provide the right solution for you so that your data is secure.

  • Server – Solutions for Server Virtualisation including planning and implementation.

  • Desktop – Working with industry experts to see if Desktop Virtualisation could work for your business.  If so, we work with these experts to plan and implement desktop virtualisation.

DR and Business Continuity
Allowing your business to concentrate on the day to day running of your business without the worry of what would happen in the event of a disaster.  We can help plan and implement a DRP / BCP to ensure your piece of mind.
  • Telecoms Solutions and Unified Communications – Hosted and on-site VoIP, legacy phone systems inluding carrier management.  We work with Partners to provide the right solution for you.

  • Internet Connectivity – In this day and age, we understand the requirement of good, fast and reliable internet connectivity.  We work with various ISP’s to provide you with the best solution that fits your business.

  • Data Storage Solutions – Capacity management, archiving solutions and structure management.  With data growing year on year, we know how important it is to ensure your storage meets the requirements for the future.

  • Font Management Solutions – Finding the right tools to centrally manage your library of fonts can be time consuming.  We have the knowledge and skills to make this process simple and effective.

  • Cross Platform Integration – Many businesses are moving towards cross platform systems.  We have a vast experience of working in mixed environments with Mac OS and Windows and how they can work together in your business.

  • AV Solutions – We can provide Audio and Visual solutions, working with partners with huge experience in the sector.  This allows us to provide the right solution at the right cost.

  • Print Management – Standalone printers, multifunction devices, purchased or leased.  Management through follow-me style printing, cost saving exercises and analysis of current solutions.  We deal with multiple service providers in this sector which allows us to provide the right fit for you business.

  • Comms Room Design and Implementation – From design to implementation including air conditioning, UPS and space requirements.  We work with Partners to provide the right solution at the right cost.