Managed Service Contracts

We provide a wide range of Managed Service Contracts customised to your business needs.  We understand that every business is different and require different tailored services.  We offer a range of services within our Managed Service Contracts that we feel will benefit your business and where we feel we can provide added value.

Here are some of the services that we provide in our Managed Service Contracts:

Account Management and Consultancy

We can provide fully managed IT Support Contracts, with inclusive regular on-site presence, remote support, pro-active maintenance and quarterly reviews.

Procurement Services and Budget Management

Assistance in managing local IT Budgets and providing where required, purchasing services.  We have a diverse portfolio of suppliers and contacts to ensure you get the best deal and the right product.

Print Management

Standalone printers, multifunction devices, purchased or leased.  Management through follw-me style printing, cost saving exercises and analysis of current solutions.  We deal with multiple service providers in this sector which allows us to provide the right fit for you business.

Network Infrastructure Management and Monitoring

From Network Cabling to Switch Management and Wireless Networks, we work with partners to implement the right solution for your business.  We also pro-actively monitor all of your core systems, including regular reports on availability, upgrades and real-time alerts to allow immediate response.

Security Management

Firewall security, anti-virus and malware solutions, physical security and remote access, we can provide solutions to keep your data out of the wrong hands.

UPS Management

We ensure your equipment is protected from power surges, spikes and outages.  We manage systems so that your infrastructure is shutdown safely to prevent data loss.

Asset Management

We can provide Audit and Lifecycle processes of all assets, hardware support and software licensing.  We also provide support for migrations, upgrades and installations.

Software Updates and System Patching

Microsoft and Apple specific systems update management including solutions for 3rd Party software update management.

Remote Support

Telephone Support and remote assistance to fix issues simply and effectively.